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Adplexity Group Buy (Native And Mobile)

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Adplexity Group Buy is a powerful Spy Tool related to Mobile, Native, and Adult Ads. This spy tool allows you to view, research, and copy your competitors’ Ads. Affiliates create AdPlexity for affiliates. No one understands the pain of marketing in the dark more than a colleague. And this is why AdPlexity has tried to include all the bases in e-commerce marketing.
Topping the number of features that AdPlexity offers are:
Update ads in real-time
Advanced search engine with sharp filters
Advertising metrics include Type, Device, Size, Country, Language, Connection, Traffic Sources, Affiliate Network, and Tracking Tool.

Pros Adplexity

1. Showing ads from more than 80 countries
2. Support Windows, Chrome, and Safari browsers.
3. Includes Mobile, Desktop, API and Native Ads
4. Has one of the largest databases of e-commerce stores and products
5. Features a powerful search and filtering tool
6. You can download a Lander Landers competitor, including graphics, CSS, and javascript.
7. It shows Ads promoting affiliate links
8. You can search by Keyword, Advertiser, Publisher or Affiliate Network
9. Allows you to run Ads abroad thanks to their actual 3G / LTE proxies.
10. Adult products offer a unique link to a lucrative market. offers you for $ 40 / month. This is a combo pack of (Native and mobile). Adplexity will help you a lot in spying on advertising you will save a lot of time with this tool. Moreover, you will save money when using our services.