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Crazy Egg Group Buy

What is Crazy Egg?

Crazy Egg is a great website optimization tool that allows you to understand the behavior of customers on your website better. It is a sales enhancement tool that gives you more control over your business strategies through practical means.
Crazy Egg does not require you to be a technology expert in using the services. It is effortless and easy to set up for you the much-needed relief from the busy work schedule.
There is a lot you can do through Crazy Egg. It allows you to see what your customers are doing right now. Thanks to its Heatmap function, you can now see exactly where most of your customers are clicking. It’s like an infrared camera that helps you spot one of the more popular sections on your homepage. Also, it allows you to see how they scroll down and which parts of your page are being viewed the most.

Similarly, you can learn about the origin of these people landing. Whether this page has a Facebook page, Twitter, or other sources, you’ll know which social media sites are performing well to get more traffic to your site.

Because the experience is entirely intuitive, you can make better decisions to optimize and design your website. Therefore, your ROI is expected to increase, making the use of Crazy Egg more budget-friendly. Also, there are trial services available to allow you to play around with the design strategies and see what works best.

Crazy Egg is one of the very few services that provide you with such interactive online analytics. It is very different from other websites because of the way the data results are displayed. Instead of reading the analysis report, Crazy Egg gives you the power to see everything for yourself. No wonder it has been loved for some of the leading businesses in the world today. offers you for $ 4.95 / month. You will have a great experience using our service.