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Flaticon Group Buy

What is Flaticon?

Flaticon is an icon download site that offers thousands of free icons to users. As the name implies, most of the icons on this site are in a flat format with a simple design. According to the site itself, there are about 533,000 vector icons grouped in 10,005 packages that are catered to by visitors. Most of them are free, but if you want to download the premium version, then you have to register a premium member. In addition to the free icons, there are several additional tools, such as a template creator, that allow creating beautiful templates in minutes.

Best icon

Flaticon has many beautiful icons that most users can download. No one will download bad looking icons even if it’s free. When it comes to Flaticon, almost all of their icons (possibly all of them) look great and clean. Instead of those bulky 3D designs, this site offers ‘flat icons. The icons are pure, beautiful, and suitable for all needs.

Get free

Most of the icons listed on Flaticon are free to use. But, you will have to credit the author when using it. If you do not want to be credited every time you use an icon, you will have to upgrade your subscription. When considering the beauty of icons, there is no problem in authoring credit.

Huge database

Flaticon has a massive database of different icons in different icon packs. To find an icon, all you have to do is search it in the search box or find the appropriate icon pack. It contains all the icons you need from Pet to Computer. You will never have to use another logo site after using Flaticon.

Easy to use

Unlike many other icon download websites that require multiple steps to download an icon, Flaticon has one of the simplest methods. All you have to do is find a perfect logo for your needs, click on it, choose a format, and choose a size. Icons will be downloaded immediately. Also, if you sign up for a free account, you can create your own icon collection and download them all at once. But users will only have a limited number of downloads per day.

Flikover.tech offers you for 4.95$ / month. This is a Prenium account, you can download the icon without the author’s name.