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Jungle Scout Group Buy

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a set of tools, including a web application that allows users to search a database of items that sell well on Amazon. It also has the Chrome extension, which will enable you to check related information on different pages of the product. So what is the difference between the JungleScout Chrome extension and the Jungle Scout tool?

These two applications work closely together to help you research millions of products when preparing to sell on Amazon FBA. But basically, they are entirely different. The Chrome extension version of Jungle Scout is to help you collect specific data and information about a particular product on Amazon.

They are usually installed into the Google Chrome browser, and work when you surf on the Amazon.com website. On the other hand, the JungleScout Web application helps you search for products from various filters as well as track products over time with data collected by the Extension on. You can use this Jungle Scout tool right in your browser without having to download any applications.

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