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KwFinder is a complete and very easy to use a keyword research tool. It provides specific and exact information about how many searches a keyword has in a month. And information about the difficulty of the original keyword and related keywords, keyword ideas with the same meaning as the unique keyword. Suggested questions related to that keyword. Competitors on TOP with that keyword. Monthly search trends for that keyword.

Features of KWfinder


The “Suggestion” feature will return you the keywords it suggests based on the data it gets via the Google API. Should use long keywords with search volume> 100 and ignore keywords with lower search volume.
If you want more specific information about Google SERP, you can use another tool, SERPChecker. This is also a tool for Mangools. This tool does not need to be purchased separately. It has contributed in combination with Kwfinder. Meaning you only need to buy Kwfinder to be able to use SERPChecker and vice versa.


Automatically adding new words behind the seed keyword that you enter, this feature helps you have more ideas with seed keyword, niche, niche keywords in your field that you may not have thought of.


This feature is used as an alternative to Quora, Reddit, AnswersYahoo, if you’re lazy to search on it, but due to restrictions on the results displayed in Kwfinder. It will help you develop website content, increase traffic with popular search keywords.

Assess keyword difficulty and Keyword Filter

The feature helps you can evaluate the keyword’s locking quickly and easily. Although, for each keyword research tool, the number and level of keyword evaluation are different, because, in Kwfinder, the data is updated regularly, the reliability level is higher. Kwfinder not only calculates the difficulty score for any keyword (based on Majestic data), but it also gives us a general keyword difficulty table.

With this tool you can research keywords that will help you a lot in SEO. Here, offers you for $ 9.95 / month. You will save additional costs when using our services.