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What is Majestic?

Majestic is one of the advanced and reliable tools. It has many functions that are widely used by SEO analysts and web developers. While most of the site’s stats and other related things are collected from Google and Yahoo, the Majestic SEO tool tells us the exact data (stats) of all the pages. The web uses its algorithm and software.
This is one of the most valuable and reliable search engine optimization tools, no matter if you are an individual or an organization. So many users compare information obtained from Majestic software with Google results to find ways to increase rankings or to have the best solution for new campaigns.

Features of Majestic tool

Bulk Backlink Statistics Checker

This is a tool to check the links pointing to the page or check backlinks. It does not provide backlink cables but only provides data about the backlink of the page.

In it, you will check the number of backlinks, TF scores, CFs, and the number of referring domains. Besides, you also check the origin of the incoming links, attributes (dofollow or nofollow), quality of relationships, and spam score index of those backlinks. In other words, it is a domain comparison tool.

Backlink History

The great advantage that Majestic offers its customers is the “ancient” database of indexes to support measurement and content marketing and link building.

With this feature, you can see the history of backlinks from time to time. Moreover, you can also analyze and compare backlinks between websites every day by hco5n Fresh Index or Historical index.

What is Majestic trust flow?

Trust flow (TF) is the index that assesses the quality of backlinks from domains. This data helps you evaluate the quality and reliability of the links pointing to your website. For a website, the higher the Trust Flow score, the better.

Citation Flow

Citation Flow is a scale of 1-1000 used to measure the impact of a URL based on the number of pages pointing to it. The high level of Citation Flow indicates the name of links to the site.

The majestic tool will tell you the TF and CF scores to adjust content strategy, improve backlink quality to increase website rankings on search engines.

Topical Trust Flow

Topical Trust Flow is a measure of the influence of websites in the industry. Majestic’s Topical Trust Flow tool allows you to see the distribution of content according to the different topics of a mobile site. offers you for 6.95$/ month. If you have to buy money directly, the price will be very expensive. But when you buy this tool at you can still use the full functionality of Majestic, more specifically, the price is only 6.95$.