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What is Merchantwords?

Merchantwords is an Amazon keyword search tool with the most extensive and most comprehensive search database from real shoppers on Amazon. Since 2012, this tool has collected nearly two billion keywords and helped nearly 100,000 entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Merchantwords collects searches from the search bar on Amazon, so we can research what is in the minds of shoppers – your customers – and show you how they’re looking. With the power of our keyword data you can discover new product ideas, increase traffic to your product listings, improve PPC campaigns and ultimately increase sales. And your business.
While Merchantwords offers many services to help optimize Amazon’s listings, their primary tool is the classic Keyword Research Tool. Merchantwords is provided by customer searches only on Amazon, not Google, Bing or eBay. Their Classic Keyword Tool gives sellers access to both short and long-tail keywords, search volume, seasonality and even rankings.

The best part about Merchantwords keyword research tool is that they give you real-time shopper data directly from organic searches on Amazon, not pay per click advertising data or data. Google Trends.

Sellers can view top-ranking keywords and performance metrics for Amazon’s best-selling products with a simple ASIN search on Merchantwords. All data will be updated at least once per month. offers you for 7.95$ / month. This is a very useful tool for you, if you are a salesperson, you should not ignore this tool.