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What is Moz?

Moz is a scoring tool that measures the strength of a website based on indicators such as DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page authority). Moz is developed from a third party other than Google that allows users to measure and control the strength and quality of the websites they are managing based on the measurable index on that website.

Moreover, based on Moz, users can do more things, namely, you will quickly identify the level of link spam and content spam on your site. From there, you can come up with timely resolution before Google algorithms find out and impose penalties on your website.

What are the terms DA, PA in Moz?

There are Moz’s most essential and popular terms today that we often use. At the same time, Moz will answer the results with specific indicators related to the terms PA, DA and Spamcore.

DA (Domain Authority).

DA Index indicates the reputation, quality and strength of a website launched by Seomoz – a leading reputable company in the field of SEO website today (you can also understand that reputation, power of domain).

PA (Page Authority).

Similar to the DA index, but the PA index instead of showing the reputation and strength of the website, it represents any subpage on the site. PA is an indicator to help measure the status of any page on that site. This index of subpages on the website may vary depending on the quality of the content, and the links returned to the page or some other relevant factors.

DA and PA index of a website is determined by three main factors including domain age, popularity and website size. DA and PA indicators are also fundamental in the ranking of the Google search engine for a website.


Spamscore index is used to assess whether your website is spamming or not with a scale of danger from 1 to 17, in which:
1 to 4 is a safe spam indicator for a website, and there will be no penalties for your website.
4 to 8 is about the index that will make your site noticed by Google, the operation of the website will be closely monitored, and obviously, the process of optimizing SEO for the website will become challenging.
8 to 17 is a range of indicators that indicate that Google has detected heavy spam on your site. Penalties will be imposed depending on the severity. If the violation of the website is too severe, the site can completely disappear from Google search.

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