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Netflix is ​​an online video streaming service from the US, currently available in 130 countries around the world. All videos have full copyright and higher quality. Also, Netflix has an application for users to watch videos on a variety of devices from laptops, smartphones, tablets to Smart TVs or even game consoles. Just owning a smart device capable of connecting to the Internet can enjoy the vast video store of Netflix easily.


Watch the show instantly: As a leader in the digital content streaming service plus not renting movies, users can watch any video anywhere, anytime want.
Diversity in movie selection: Possesses a vast treasure of videos and movies with high quality. Indeed, it will satisfy anyone who loves movies, no matter how difficult they are. From blockbusters, theatres or dramas, sitcoms, cartoons to Netflix documentaries, there’s a whole range of options for users to choose for themselves.
Multi-platform: As mentioned above, Netflix is ​​an application that supports multiple platforms so users can enjoy movies with a variety of devices connected to the Internet, from laptops, smart TVs, to tablet or personal smartphone.
Intuitive, effective movie recommendation system: The Netflix technical team has built an in-depth analysis of user behaviour based on viewing history (also known as Netflix cookies). This will help Netflix make movie recommendations that suit the taste of the user so that they do not have to waste time and still find the movies that suit their interests. offers you for $ 4.95 / month, You can watch the best movies for the cheapest price.