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Serpstat Group Buy

What is Serpstat?

Serpstat is an SEO platform that provides SEO tools such as tracking rankings, analyzing keywords, researching competitive strategies, website control and backlink management … Also, with a General option keyword, it provides facilities such as: giving related keywords, suggested search questions, keyword difficulty analysis, keyword purposes and competitive keyword research.
For backlink analysis and management tools, Serpstat not only tracks new and lost backlinks, displays anchors and measures link authority, but also studies backlinks of competitors in your industry. With this feature, you can quickly know which site is being linked to a rival website. This will help you to have new directions and ideas in building your backlink strategy.

Thanks to the site control algorithm (Site Audit), Serpstat has detected all errors related to your website, such as data errors, headlines, HTTP codes, links and redirects, page loading speed. Or internal links. It notifies users of those errors, sorts them by priority and makes suggestions for fixing them.

Another great feature is tracking (Rank Tracking).

You can update daily or set weekly or every three days, depending on the market you need SEO. In particular, Rank Tracking also allows users to track their ranking position with the position of a player without spending any time setting up any additional algorithms.

Also, users of SEO analysis tool Serpstat can sufficiently estimate PPC ads of competitors. This means that if you want to advertise, Serpstat will send you the results of the keyword price being bid, comparing ads of some domain names.

With Serpstat, you can

See competitor’s keyword map – Find out which of your competitor’s pages rank for which keywords and positions.

Cluster Research – Discover all search terms and phrases that have similar meanings to the query keywords. Insight for Search Questions – Research relevant questions and find content creation ideas.

Placement – Check your website ranking distribution on search engines (top 10, top 20, etc.)

SERP Analysis – Shows you the top 100 search results on Google with keywords and organic. offers you for $ 4.95 / month. You can use the full features at the lowest cost. We are always ready to assist you when needed.