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What is Storybase?

StoryBase is a tool from long tail machine research. Just enter a keyword and get hundreds of questions and phrases that people use to describe that topic online. This tool works by reverse search to show exactly how people search on the internet. Its salient feature lies in its ability to tell you what your potential customers want. StoryBase allows you to discover and deliver relevant content that is likely to affect user choices.

It all started with a digital brainstorming.

StoryBase allows you to access people’s queries and see their exact phrases and related topics that interest them, so you can accurately map the way your potential customers search. Knowledge. This reveals, in their natural language, what they are eager to know and learn, allowing you to get your message across by creating content maps and building content around what they want and seek.

Attractive answers for your customers Your questions.

With your potential customers, most pressing questions on any topic at hand, you can provide valid and reliable answers and solutions in blog posts, videos. , your marketing articles and materials reinforce your reputation as a brand. Letting potential customers see your brand as a source of secrets can turn them into valuable customers in the future.

Building buyer personas and turn website visitors into customers.

With knowledge of the specifics of their lives, you can create better and more engaging content that will attract your potential customers. Their search questions, combined with their age and gender profiles, reveal who they are, what they want, what they feel and fear, and what they hope to become. offers you for $ 4.95 / month with the Premium version, you can use all the functions of this great tool.