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Helium10 Group Buy

Helium10 is a tool designed for sellers on Amazon who need help with SEO, product research, competitor analysis, and more. Usually, doing all this manually is time-consuming, and in the long run, you will be short on time to manage your business.
It’s best to use the tools available in the market and save us a lot of time so we can focus on what’s more important. Helium 10 has a suite of 17 machines in the software that are used to perform various tasks. That gives us the features of this software.

Helium 10 features:

1. Black box

This is one of the most talked-about features of Helium 10, only because it does the magic for your business. The black box is a product research tool that scans over 450 million ASIN and brings the best-selling products in front of you.
If you see, 450 million is a vast database to look at, and you might think it’s almost impossible to find best-selling products. However, they have everything right for you. I mean, they have smart filter options that allow you to cut the results to your liking. For example, you can choose by category, price, weight, monthly sales, etc.

2. Xray

This tool, right here, works like a charm when you narrow your results with black box filters. What it does is looks at your results and gives you essential data like estimated monthly sales, sales trends, etc.

3. Review the Downloader

The potential of this feature is that you can review product reviews and produce products with constructive feedback so you can further improve the product experience. It helps create something better than your competitors.

4. Inventory level

This allows you to check the amount of inventory your competitor has in stock so you can take advantage of it.

5. Trends

This feature is handy because it allows you to see which products will perform well in the seasons/festivals so you can better plan your strategy ahead of time.

6. Profitable computer

We all want to know how much we earn from every sale, and this feature helps you do that, but in no time. It calculates your profits and losses by viewing your performance analysis.

7. Magnets

The magnet has the most accurate search data and related keywords that people are searching for on Amazon. It has a massive database of profitable keywords that you can use within seconds and rank for it. The better the rankings, the more sales.

8. Celebro

This tool is stealthy because it reveals competitors’ keyword strategies along with exact search volumes. You can then continue using those keywords for your product listings, knowing that these keywords are profitable.

9. Scribble

Most people struggle with creating and optimizing product listings, so this tool comes to the rescue. This feature checks your listings and suggests improvements. For example:
Let you know how to use multiple keywords in product descriptions
Check that you include too many keywords (harmful)
Suggest the best search terms to use
Save time by storing previous listing information and can import listings directly from your Amazon account.

10. Frankenstein

This tool will generate lots of keywords and turn them into separate lists so you can select them whenever you create your menu. It eliminates useless things and only focuses on
Those who are sure will let you succeed.

11. Indicator checker

The index checker allows you to check if Amazon indexes the keywords you use on your list, so they don’t exist. For you to know, every keyword must be indexed by Amazon to truly reap their benefits such as search volume, CPC, etc. This tool helps you determine that!

12. Tracking keywords

Always check to see which keywords are working well for your listing, but doing them manually is complicated and sometimes inaccurate. Keyword Tracker alleviates your headache by identifying what Cameron works for you and what isn’t.

13. Profit

This tool allows you to check your weekly/monthly / yearly profit percentage and determine when you make more money.

14. Warning

In this online world, we are always protected and safe. There are hijackers out there who might want to change your list and ruin the game for you. That when the Warning came to the rescue. It keeps track of your list day and night and notifies you whenever there are mysterious changes to your list. This helps you sleep well at night, knowing your FBA business is in safe hands.

15. Protect inventories

This tool allows you to limit the number of purchases that buyers can make for a product because sometimes there are fraudulent orders that can harm your inventory calculations.

16. The god of reimbursement

Genie refunds help you get back your lost sales from Amazon supposedly pay you. It enables you to avoid unnecessary losses and maintains healthy calculations.

17. Subscribe

This smart feature takes email marketing to the next level. What it does is, it will send your customers detailed product information like delivery date, delivery information, etc. It also requires feedback/evaluation and follows up with customers. Potential.

Flikover.tech offers you for $ 4.95 / month. If you are an amazon seller, you should use Helium10. This tool will help you a lot in finding, and managing. You will save a lot of time. Moreover you will be able to save money when using our services.