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What is Merch Informer?

Merch Informer is a software utility created exclusively for Merch by Amazon merchants to speed up and simplify the T-shirt research process. It allows you to research, sort, favorite, and find new keywords – all without having to visit directly. Two very successful Merch sellers created merch Informer. In 2015 alone, Neil and Todor made more than $ 150,000 with their Merch businesses. MerchInformer uses the Amazon Amazon API only to pull down certain data sets or criteria. Instead of pulling down all possible data from Amazon’s list (such as ratings or reviews), the API allows developers to select and select the data they want to display.

For MerchInformer, some of the information they use is Product Photo, Product Name, Seller, ASIN, Price, Key Features (Merch Bullet Points), sales description, and rating (BSR).

No more having to open hundreds of tabs for each shirt design or click on each listing to see BSRien or download faulty Chrome extensions

MerchInformer shows the top 100 results for any keyword you enter and then sorts it by Best Seller Ranking. This is extremely helpful and saves you a lot of time. Most of us are familiar with the New & Other section of Amazon, enter keywords, and then select each page to design with a low BSR that we think we can improve. offers you for $ 6.95 / month. We are cheap service with the best quality. With this tool you can search for keywords, to use for your purpose.