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Terapeak Group Buy

What is Terapeak?

Terapeak a tool that helps retailers increase their online sales. The core purpose of Terapeak is to provide supply, demand and price data to help online sellers determine what to sell when to sell, and at what price.
Access real-world sales data for millions of categories and variations of items
Research the market, competition, trends, categories and products to find eBay best-selling items. Find high-performing and frequently used keywords and search times that lead to sales. Analyze the supply and demand of things over time

Terapeak provides detailed market research on millions of online purchases on the web, based on years of global sales data. Product research tool 2.0 provides merchants access to raw data and analysis, presented in an easy-to-read and interactive format.

The best way to start using Terapeak is to find an item. This search query can then be narrowed down to a specific date range. The results will display sales figures for a particular subject on eBay, showing sales through rate, number of sellers, average selling price, number of items sold and average shipping cost.

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