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What is SellerApp?

SellerApp is a behavioural e-commerce analytics tool that provides powerful features and reporting to help Amazon sellers gain actionable insights from their data. They can use these insights to optimize and increase their sales. Sellers can use this eCommerce platform to maximize the value of their digital data by collecting operational details they can use to enhance their products and services. Services and processes. With SellerApp, sellers on Amazon can carefully measure and analyze data at all stages of the buying cycle and draw meaningful insights. They can then use this intelligence to drive relevant digital advertising in real-time on a large scale. The result is a fair shift, discovering new products, increasing new customers and positively impacting sales. Read our Seller reviews on our app for more details on the top features and benefits of the product.


Get more from your data

App sellers empower sellers on Amazon to get high value from their data so they can increase their sales, revenue, and profits.

Understand your customers

The platform allows you to understand buyers and their behaviour. You can find out why they take their actions and get the intelligence you can use to encourage customers to choose your desired steps like buying your product or sharing your share their ideas and feedback with their contacts and friends.

Identify sales potential

Sellers give you complete details about your buyers as well as their trends and behaviour, as well as trends and patterns. You can take full advantage of opportunities and determine their sales potential and profitability.

Track your competitors

You can get complete information about your competitors. Sellers provide tracking tools so you can see the activities of competitors, the top keywords they are using, the impact of their campaigns and other details. Also, you can get an advantage over them when you get a list of auxiliary keywords they are using in their campaigns.

Use profitable keywords

Finally, SellerApp helps you identify productive and profitable keywords to attract potential customers and drive conversions and sales. You can optimize your product listings and pay-per-click strategies to increase revenue and profits. offers you for $ 4.95 / month. We are the best service you will save a lot of money when using our services.