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SEOmonitor is a ranking testing tool with the ability to forecast you to overcome challenges by making the most of the available data, to develop better strategies, respond Respond faster and create and deliver insightful reports. It pulls data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. It returns a wealth of information – (almost) the entire list of keywords that bring clicks to the website plus their landing pages displayed in an overview. It divides branded and unbranded traffic and allows us to see a list of keywords that have been deleted once.

Features, characteristics

SEOmonitor is a powerful tool with lots of powerful features, from automated keyword research and keyword grouping to visibility, opportunities, and difficulty, competitor insight, forecasting, and reporting. Let highlight some of its superpowers for you:

Automatic keyword research

The tool detects thousands of keywords that are relevant to you, showing how difficult it is to rank in the top 10 Google results for those keywords and the value it generates when you achieve search results. Top swords.

Opportunity index

By considering the search volume, difficulty, and rankings of each tracked keyword, SEOmonitor can prioritize the keywords that can have the most significant impact on visits, in the least amount of time, in the shortest possible time. The shortest time.

Score show

It gives you an overview of overall performance in Google. It helps you identify changes in your SEO performance, compare them with non-branded traffic, and show which keywords or keyword groups affect the global visibility most.

Business case maker

SEO visibility, seasonality, and difficulty data are combined to create realistic forecasting of unbranded traffic and conversions, month by month. Besides, this feature is especially useful when providing SEO services to customers; You can create an SEO proposal based on data in less than a minute, which will make it difficult for your customers to refuse – what more can you ask for. offers you for $ 4.95 / month. You will get an overview of overall performance in Google and the powerful features from this tool.