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What is Pizap?

PiZap is photo editing software, collage, and design on the browser. With a vast data warehouse and many photo editing tools from basic to advanced, piZap can meet the diverse image processing needs of PC users.

The photo editing program on piZap is simple, exciting, and suitable for all users. Also, you can combine photos very quickly with the tools available on piZap. More than 1000 professional designs are waiting for you to discover! Finally, the design feature helps you create funny images, make eCard cards, flyers, or any other multimedia content to share with everyone.

Adjust image parameters with convenient slider.

Click Edit to start the powerful photo editing program with piZap. Here, you can crop and flip images, adjust basic image parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, color … with the picture slider.

Apply color and lighting effects to the image.

Apply 1-touch photo filter on piZap, including light effects and unique colors. However, they are also quite picky about the image, so choose wisely if you do not want to ruin the original image.

Decorate photos with stickers, add captions, borders .

You can decorate your photos with various stickers on piZap, including different themes such as flowers, new year, birthdays, vacations … Also, you can insert photo captions, change backgrounds, borders. ..

Collage with an existing layout.

Users will be quite surprised by the feature of collage (Collage) on piZap with lots of new photo editing tools. You can choose arbitrary layouts, horizontal, vertical, or square images. Then, edit each small image and manipulate the same as the single image editing.

Get creative with photo design features.

Design features (Design) suitable for creative users. Start making Christmas cards, new year, birthday, flyers, invitations … custom from the materials available on piZap. Once done, don’t forget to save to your device, save a copy on pi Zap and share it with the world.