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What is Videoblocks?

Video Blocks is a website with more than 50,000 clips of background movies, soundtracks, sound effects and cinematography of all genres and themes of life. In addition to their extensive library, they also have a market for nearly 5 million movie scenes that you can buy directly from artists. For film-makers, from beginner to professional, Video Blocks will be a valuable resource that can help them a lot in post-production as well as contribute to making their work unique. More original and worthwhile, both in terms of art and business.

If you’re a content creator, you’ve probably realized the fact that getting quality movies for your video is not an easy task. Well, VideoBlocks is a service that can help you overcome a certain level by providing studio-level stock footage, motion backgrounds and Adobe After Effects templates.
Some big names in the industry such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel, ABC, NBC TV network, etc. have used the platform for the content they come up with, so we’re not concerned about VideoBlocks’ reputation. You get a lifetime free license for every clip downloaded from VideoBlocks, so you don’t have to worry about a copyright strike on your YouTube channel anymore. If you are interested in using this service, take a look at some of the critical features that VideoBlocks offers.

Main function

Old film

Why would you want to spend hundreds of dollars trying to take some excellent photos in beautiful places instead of choosing from so many stock clips of VideoBlocks that you can use in your videos without worrying? About copyright infringement? That’s right, as mentioned earlier, all videos available here are copyright free, and it’s yours to keep forever. In the dashboard, you will be able to filter categories and browse for video clips that suit your preferences. There is a search bar in the top left corner of the dashboard to enter keywords and quickly find bright what you are looking for. Also, you can search for stock footage SD, HD and even 4K, if the resolution is your top priority.

Motion wallpaper

This is a different category of infinite loop clips that can be a great addition to the video content you are about to create. There are over 10,000 moving wallpapers available on VideoBlocks, so you won’t be disappointed when it comes to quantity. Regarding quality, there are many types of wallpapers you can choose from, including shapes, particles, fire, energy, abstraction, etc. can be filtered out in the catalogue section. For further searching, you can use the search bar located at the top left of the panel. It is worth noting that the Motion Background Average, has a larger file size than the stock HD footage available on the same platform.

Sample effect after

Not everyone has the time and skills to create their templates on Adobe After Effects. This is precisely why we have a good platform like VideoBlocks. In addition to providing stock footage and moving backgrounds, they also have plenty of Adobe After Effects templates to offer. These templates can be used to quickly make some special intro or logos in your video clips, thus giving it a much more professional look with minimal effort. These templates are downloaded as ZIP files that can be opened later on After Effects, where you can add your text or logo. Here, we have the same category filter we saw while browsing footage and moving wallpapers, allowing you to search for patterns based on your interests. offers you for $ 4.95, and you can use unlimited video downloading feature on Videoblocks. With third party products, we do not support to download these products. If you want to download it, please pay directly on the website to be able to download.
Note “We have paid for unlimited download Videoblocks.”