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Quetext is a tool to help you detect duplicated texts to prevent plagiarism and to help writers, students, bloggers, teachers, and others to create unique content for themselves. With a combination of DeepSearch technology, it will give you clear feedback to detect duplicate content and prevent plagiarism. So this is a powerful tool for you to check for plagiarism.
Quetext uses contextual checking, so it won’t flag a block of repetitive text unless the text next to it also appears to be copied to another source. A simple quote cannot be flagged. If the cited version is also repeated or even rewritten in synonyms, then it is likely classified as plagiarism.

Function, why is Quetext so special?

Quetext has used DeepSearch technology. It is a unique algorithm created by Quetext and not used by any other plagiarism checker. The most significant advantage of Quetext compared to other similar tools is that it uses contextual analysis instead of searching for specific words and phrases that match other documents.

Another important thing is the extensive database Quetext uses to find similarities. So every time the program scans your text, it will look for similarities in more than 20 million books, billions of web pages, and over 1 million academic journals.

This is a powerful tool that can help you check for plagiarism. Flikover.tech offers you for $ 3.95 / month. This tool will help you check the copied text so you can create quality articles