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What is Woorank?

Currently, many tools in the world help you check and optimize the website for the best SEO standard. Some devices can be mentioned, such as Seo Doctor or Seoquake… However, because they are all free software should be limited to certain functions and not updated regularly. Today, The First Unique presents you with a tool that I often use for my projects that is WooRank. The tool is priced at $ 49 for the Pro package and $ 249 for the Enterprise package

1. What is WooRank?

WooRank is an online tool that helps to test and evaluate the entire Seo website’s standards of your website, thereby scoring the website’s Seo benchmark on a scale of 100 points, and at the same time giving reports and comments about the errors edit and add to the website can be more seo standard.

With Woorank, you can be evaluated to optimize the main parts of the website, such as:

After completing the evaluation, Woorank will return you the evaluation results of your website so that you will know what your website needs and is missing. If your site is above 50 points, it means that your website is on the right track but still needs to be optimized.
Woorank’s evaluation criteria are divided into three main parts:

Optimize Sets criteria for critical issues that are needed to optimize the system.
Promote (Recommend): Provide some additional criteria that are recommended to perform to improve the competitiveness of the website.
Measure (Criteria of evaluation): Giving criteria on the number of visits, rankings of the website
In addition to using online by visiting Woorank’s homepage, you can use the addon installed in your browser, helping you optimize the website anytime and anywhere.

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