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Spyfu is a tracking the backlink and website ranking tool for businesses. Spyfu allows you to check your competition with the same keyword group, the number of keywords that match your website, and you have a suitable keyword strategy. The following data is related to the website:

+ See keywords used by competitors
+ The level of competition of competitors in the same keyword group
+ The number of keywords of the competitor coincides with your website. This will help you adjust your keyword strategy properly.

Just like Searchmetrics, SpyFu has been around for a while specializing in providing data on competitive analysis in SEO.
Many people still think that finding a competitor is a simple matter, but it will not be accessible if your market is complicated. With SpyFu you can find your main competitors very quickly. SpyFu shows how your opponent’s keywords fluctuate over specific periods. This can give us a better understanding of the opponent’s development in the past.

Also, it is a tool that allows you to learn about AdWords and competitors’ keywords. You can also do some competitor research to determine which keywords they use. You can search your competitors or your website to see how many organic keywords they have quickly, the number of monthly clicks they receive, and paid and non-organic competitors. Their ads, the ads they created on Google Adwords and more. This is one of the most comprehensive SEO analytics tools on the market. When you follow your competitors’ steps, you can avoid the mistakes they made.

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