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What is Piktochart?

Piktochart is considered the most effective online Infographic creation software among hundreds of other online software. For those who are struggling with the work of graphic design, creating Infographic, the graphics software is a powerful help arm. Currently, on the market, there is a lot of software for users to download to the computer and perform the work of creating Inforgarphic. However, if you need to design simple information graphics, then online design software is a wise choice.
Piktochart provides a large number of different charts and templates for users to choose, along with rich fonts, to be able to create the Infographic as you want. The system is divided into four essential parts related to the use of graphics: Infographic graphics, Report reports, Banner banners and Presentation presentations. To use this online software, users create an account for themselves or access via Facebook or Google+ account to use. If you look at Piktochart’s interface, you will see that the dashboard is very organized, scientific and easy to find.
The system of charts and sample tables provides a lot of different purposes when creating an infographic. If you want to use a given graph, click Create and start your editing. One note for you is that the chart section is free and paid depending on the type of chart that users have to pay if there is a need to use. However, the open designs provided by the software are enough for you to create simple graphics yourself. The control panel buttons used by Infographic have its functions, rich with many options.

Features of Piktochart

Graphics: Shapes & Line includes seven basic geometries, Icons consists of 5000 symbols divided into different categories, Photo is similar to the Icon divided into small image items, Photo and Photo Frames include different pattern.
Upload: allows you to upload your photos.
Background: wallpaper adjacent to the image content.
Text: add text as subtitles, titles with many different font types.
Tool: for those who make presentations, reports are adding charts, maps or videos.

For those who are struggling with graphic design, creating Inforgraphic, Piktochart will be a great support tool. Flikover.tech we provide this tool for $ 4.95 / month. You will save a lot of money and more, you can create the Inforgraphic as you want.