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Serps Group Buy

What is Serps?

SERPs is a web-based SEO set for people who want to track a set of keywords for each website or customer. The company was founded in 2012 in Portland, OR. According to the website, they vowed to track more than 2,600,000 keywords for 5000 sites. It is exclusively designed to track exact daily keyword rankings that you can easily impress your customers or boss.

Also, allows tracking the progress of a new SEO campaign by following individual keyword rankings along with changes in their rankings as you implement new strategies. With SERPs, you can even create keyword categories, monthly export reports, and export ranked URLs to evaluate page performance.

You can even activate the keyword view to get comprehensive ranking statistics that include the keywords that achieved the top position in a specific period. With these capabilities, it seems customization is the tool’s most significant selling point.

Features of Serps

High scalability

Tracking hundreds or even thousands of keywords is quite easy. Track hundreds of thousands or even millions of keywords, every day.

Whether it’s e-commerce sites with thousands of products or businesses with hundreds or even thousands of positions, dedicated SERPs allow SEO to capture and analyze large amounts of ranking data.

Exceptional Performance

True to its name, Dedicated Customer SERPs receive priority performance and dedicated servers for their data – ensuring speed, reliability and security.

Custom report

Our engineers can support dedicated clients in developing custom reports and dashboards – speed up the analysis and let your team focus on the strategy instead of organizing the data in the table. Count.

SERPs DataLab

The SERLs DataLab platform records the top 50 results (as well as factors like featured snippets) for each of your keywords every day. It makes that data available to queries in an almost limitless manner by delivery. SQL-like interface. offers Serps for $ 4.95 / month. You can experience this tool cheaply here.