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TheOptimizer Group Buy

What is TheOptimizer?

The Optimizer is automated campaign management and optimization platform. It allows you to block automatically, activates publishers, ads, or automatically change bids and budgets on your behalf, and more, based on the conditions you want.


To share the platform assessment that’s right for you, we took the time to test ourselves as well as ask some current users about the experience and advantages they have when using TheOptimizer. It does not compromise on setting up an existing campaign to be able to use it.
It automatically matches traffic sources and link tracking campaigns and accurately aggregates clicks, spend, and revenue in one place. You can make intraday trading and automate your bidding strategy to keep up with your competitors without losing traffic.
With more than 20 traffic sources integrated, it can quickly expand profitable campaigns into other traffic sources while maintaining full control of their performance on autopilot.
You have more time to work with your campaign content, combined with automated campaign optimization, to get better results.


When you first create an account on TheOptimizer Mobile, TheOptimizer Native, or xOptimizer, the first thing you need to do is connect the traffic sources and tracking platform via the Account Wizard.

This tool will help you automate media buyers, it can optimize your original, mobile and adult traffic. offers you for $ 4.95 / month you can use this great tool here with the lowest spend.