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What is BuzzStream? 

BuzzStream is a tool that helps you identify websites to request links and make the link building process effective and user-friendly. The BuzzStream for Link Building tool works in four main ways: Identify contact information, manage contact information, manage link opportunities, and request links to be sent and monitor backlinks achieved.
When looking for link building opportunities, BuzzStream, BuzzMarker can help quickly identify contact information and website information for easy categorization in your BuzzStream Dashboard. By automatically retrieving this information, BuzzMarker saves time, instead of link builders taking a few minutes to search for contact email addresses or jot down content directories. Then, when this information is placed in the BuzzStream Dashboard, you can sort by many factors, such as PageRank, date found, link type, and contract status.

BuzzStream also allows you to easily manage communications between them and the site owner or writer. BuzzStream identifies tweets between your accounts, as well as emails sent back and forth. Tracking this communication helps you, as a link builder, begin a relationship with this webmaster and build it over time. Website owners are more likely to associate with someone they know, so these relationships matter.

When a link request is submitted, BuzzStream will catalog this request for easy retrieval later. You can search by requests sent within a specific time frame, and invitations are sent to individual PageRank sites and many other sorting elements to document and report these requests. Simple and effective.

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The main objective for all of this opportunity and relationship building materials is to get linked. BuzzStream follows its performance trends and uses an automated backlink checker that runs every week to detect the performance of a link from the link requests you sent. This information is then automatically recorded in your contact dashboard, allowing you to sort by the link you have received quickly. On top of that, the backlink checker also determines if any links have been removed, if those links are nofollowed, if the anchor text changes or if the page containing your link suddenly becomes internal. Don’t spam. Because of this, you can also easily see the value of each link you have achieved, and you know how to request an update if needed.

BuzzStream does an excellent job of streamlining the process of requiring links, and automated documentation of all is incredible. With affordable prices for up to 20 different users, BuzzStream can be an active affiliate property for individuals who start building their links with agencies that want to automate some processes. offers you for $ 4.95 / month. You will have a great experience using our service.